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I’m delighted to have a guest blogger this week, and it isn’t just any guest! Kait Fortunato Greenberg is the author of Welcome to the REBELution: 7 Steps to the Nutrition Counseling Practice of Your Dreams— our newest continuing education course at Skelly Skills. Just added this week, this course is equally inspiring and practical. And, of course, earns you CPEUs. 18 to be exact!

Thanks and I will let Kait will take it from here!

photo-3-14 Welcome to the REBELution! 

We are beyond excited to start a REBELUTION and inspire like-minded Rebel Dietitians to create the private practice of their dreams. One that can be a thriving environment for successful clients and one that allows for personal growth  and self-care. In honor of our book launch this week, we will be sharing some insider tips and sneak peaks into our private practice workbook, “Welcome to the REBELUTION: Seven Steps to the Nutrition Practice of Your Dreams.

Realize Your Potential: Create a fulfilling practice by doing what you love.

When I started at Rebecca Bitzer and Associates, the first thing Rebecca had me do was self-evaluation in regards to my strengths and values that we still continue to evaluate as time goes on. This has been key to success in our practice and in my life, knowing how to align my values and utilize my strengths.

We evaluate strengths utilizing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment. It is amazing that to this day I have taken this evaluation several times and always get the same answer, even though there are 16 types! It is so interesting to see how these results align with the work I both like to do and excel at and how my weaknesses can be complimented by other team members are RBA who accelerate in other areas.

We also use to evaluate and prioritize our values and Rebecca has always emphasized the importance of aligning personal and professional values to focus on happiness and fulfillment.

For example, two of my values include:

  • Family-Oriented: So personally I enjoy having a flexible schedule to spend more time with my family and professionally I love helping families work together in recovery from an eating disorder or even meal planning for a busy week!
  • Making A Difference: Fostering my clients growth at work and being present in my community and church at home

Knowing that my personal and professional values align make going to “work” something that feels good.

Learn more of Kait’s wisdom and advice in our free CE webinar on January 28th at 1pm ET. Participants will earn 1 CE. Or, start learning today with your own copy of Welcome to the REBELution. This is a fabulous book that you don’t want to miss!

How to Super-charge Your Salary in 2015

I’m thrilled to have negotiation coach Pat Katepoo as a guest blogger this week. Be sure to sign up for Pat’s FREE CE webinar on Dec 8th, too–space is limited! If you are like a lot of health care professionals, you accept the salary you are given, without questioning. Pat is an expert at helping you earn what you are worth, and gives you the confidence to finally ask and receive!

payraiseAre you overdue for a pay raise? I mean a really good pay raise, not the paltry pay increases typical of the last several years. If so, what’s your plan?

To super-charge your salary in 2015, I recommend that you apply the pay raise process.

What is the pay raise process? It’s a series of systematic steps that position and prepare you to receive a big fat salary increase at your current job.

As you learn what to do and what to say, you build both your case and your confidence for negotiating a BIG boost in pay.

What do I mean by BIG?

One dietitian who followed my pay raise process received a 14% pay increase—during the 2008 recession.

Earlier this year, a supermarket dietitian turned the 2.5% increase she was offered into 10%.

A student health nutritionist was at the top of the university’s pay scale for her position, but yet below the industry standard. What could she do?

She followed the pay raise process and eventually received a 17% pay increase. I say “eventually” because it was a slog to get there, taking six months to get through some bureaucratic hoops. But once she got it, her employer made the higher wage retroactive by three months.

10% or More: That’s the Power of the Pay Raise Process

What each of these dietitians did was to get a Competitive Pay Raise. That’s one of a few different types of raises you can request to super-charge your salary.

There are several steps through the pay raise process which are covered at Pay Raise Prep School for Women, but here’s how you can start today toward higher pay:

  1. Check to see if you are a good candidate for requesting a Competitive Pay Raise by comparing your current salary with industry standards. First use AND’s Compensation and Benefits Survey of the Dietetics Profession. (Researchers have found that women can improve their negotiation results substantially when they use third-party market information to set their goals, so this is a smart place to begin.)
  2. To add to your salary research, download a free Pay Raise Prep School lesson worksheet on 5 Ways to Find Out How Much You’re Underpaid (and How to Fix It).
  3. Register for the FREE Skelly Skills CE webinar called Salary Solutions for Dietitians: 3 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Pay. You’ll get a glimpse some of the other pay raise types you can request to ramp up your income.

You don’t have to put up with paltry pay increases any longer. Learn the various pay raise types you can request and reap the returns in thousands of dollars for years to come.

Pat Katepoo, a former registered dietitian, is the founder of Pay Raise Prep School for Women and, where she has equipped thousands of women to successfully negotiate flexible work, longer maternity leave, and higher pay.

Healthy Regards,


Does Your Website Work for Your Nutrition Business?

webskillsIf you think your local nutrition consulting or private practice doesn’t need a website, think again: a full 51% of users searching for health information online searched specifically for information on diet, nutrition or nutritional supplements (Pew Internet Life, 2012). They’re looking for you, so make sure you’re online!

Here are three ways to make sure your website will bring you the clients you’re looking for:

1. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Have all the information a potential client might be looking for, and make sure it is presented in a professional and credible way. In a recent Pew Internet study of consumers using websites for health-related information, far and away the top two reasons a user returned to a particular health site were because the ‘site was easy to use’ and ‘I trust the advice and information on the site’. To make sure your site is credible and easy-to-use, have at least five people in your target test it! Give them five tasks to complete, from finding a particular blog post, to learning about your services, to making an appointment with you. Another great way to learn how to make your website easier to is by subscribing to Jakob Nielson’s—the guru of web usability—free e-newsletter at

2. Make sure your website is optimized for use on a mobile device, as 51% of Americans now own a smartphone and, of those owners, over half have used their smartphone to look up health information (Pew Internet Life, 2013).

3. Take advantage of online search engine marketing (SEM) capabilities to drive visitors to it. This is how your clients will find you: 77% of online health seekers say they began their last session at a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo (Pew Internet Life, 2013). Since most of you will probably see clients in your geographic area, make sure your business is listed properly on Google Local, Yahoo! Local and MSN Local. It’s easy and free. Consider taking advantage of paid local SEM opportunities through these search engines as well—you can test it for just pennies a day and see the results immediately. It’s easy to tweak your campaigns and test new ones, too, based on the feedback you get.

Want to know more?  Earn 20 CPEUs and learn exactly how registered dietitians and CDEs can create and market a great website, and counsel clients online.   It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming!

This step-by-step Continuing Education program gives you all the tips, tricks and secrets to making your website a magnet for the clients you’re looking for. And this week it’s 30% off! You can learn more/purchase this here.

Here’s what others are saying about Web Skills for Dietitians: A Guide to Creating and Marketing Your Website and Counseling Clients Online:

“It was easy to understand and actually the first information I have read on website building that was really interesting and applicable to my needs. To be honest, it was the first time I really enjoyed answering the questions at the end of a course.” Clara Iuliano, RD, LDN, Mohrsville, PA

“Excellent! I couldn’t put this book down. My website-building knowledge has soared. Now I am ready to build my website.” Gloria A. Petoskey, MS, RD, Detroit, MI.

“It was the best program I have done. It helped me create my website! Thanks for a really relevant, informative, up-to-date course!” Kristin Eising, RD, LD, Owner–Pomelo Wellness, Rochester, MN

And while you’re at it, sign up for our mailing list and get notified of other CE webinars and courses we offer for dietitians and nutrition entrepreneurs!

Healthy Regards,


Get Your Entrepreneur On!

neI always find that fall gets my creative juices flowing. I think back over the summer, the occasional hour spent at the pool and the long, lazy beach days. I spent those days reading (currently working my way through Unbroken— I highly recommend but that’s another whole blog!) and taking the much needed downtime to then do… creative uptime. So, how does this relate to continuing education? Well, I actually spend quite a bit of time talking to a lot of you—on the phone, via email and so forth. There’s a theme that emerges, and that is one of transition. You’re either getting back to work after having kids, beginning to think about going out on your own after working for someone else for a few years, or even writing a book or doing other nutrition communications work. Many of you have already started counseling practices of your own part-time. I think this is awesome. And if you called me up, I would tell you this in person, too! Working on making your career as fulfilling as possible is SO important—after all, we spend most of our life at work! Here at Skelly Skills we love feeling like we might be maybe the teensiest part of making that happen for you.

Which brings me back to those creative juices…

Now that it’s fall and kids are in school, maybe you find yourself with a little more free time, a reduced patient/client load or even a weekend getaway. I would encourage you to make the most of it by thinking creatively about what you want for your professional life. If that includes entrepreneurial plans—and for many of you I know it does—part of this thinking includes doing some assessment of your personality and skills. Having recently launched the new edition of The Nutrition Entrepreneur: How to Start and Grow a Great Business (25 CPEUs), we spent a lot of time culling research on successful entrepreneurs—both RD and non-RD. It was fascinating and so much fun! We are offering the e-book version of this classic bestseller 50% off (save 60$!) through September 21st as our Deal of the Day.

Finally, some of you may have joined me for the free webinar on “Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs”, but if you didn’t, I’d encourage you to listen to it as part of your thinking about entrepreneurial endeavors that may lie ahead for you.

“The presenter was great. I liked her examples. She was very motivating and it has made me want to expand my practice. Thank you!” V.S., MS, RDN, LDN, CDE, CLT

Awww, thank YOU! 🙂 I hope all of you find it as helpful. Click here to listen to the webinar.

Check out all the resources mentioned above for fabulous profiles of the dynamic and successful RD entrepreneurs that make us all so proud! And remember: go for your goal!