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I’m delighted to have a guest blogger this week, and it isn’t just any guest! Kait Fortunato Greenberg is the author of Welcome to the REBELution: 7 Steps to the Nutrition Counseling Practice of Your Dreams— our newest continuing education course at Skelly Skills. Just added this week, this course is equally inspiring and practical. And, of course, earns you CPEUs. 18 to be exact!

Thanks and I will let Kait will take it from here!

photo-3-14 Welcome to the REBELution! 

We are beyond excited to start a REBELUTION and inspire like-minded Rebel Dietitians to create the private practice of their dreams. One that can be a thriving environment for successful clients and one that allows for personal growth  and self-care. In honor of our book launch this week, we will be sharing some insider tips and sneak peaks into our private practice workbook, “Welcome to the REBELUTION: Seven Steps to the Nutrition Practice of Your Dreams.

Realize Your Potential: Create a fulfilling practice by doing what you love.

When I started at Rebecca Bitzer and Associates, the first thing Rebecca had me do was self-evaluation in regards to my strengths and values that we still continue to evaluate as time goes on. This has been key to success in our practice and in my life, knowing how to align my values and utilize my strengths.

We evaluate strengths utilizing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment. It is amazing that to this day I have taken this evaluation several times and always get the same answer, even though there are 16 types! It is so interesting to see how these results align with the work I both like to do and excel at and how my weaknesses can be complimented by other team members are RBA who accelerate in other areas.

We also use to evaluate and prioritize our values and Rebecca has always emphasized the importance of aligning personal and professional values to focus on happiness and fulfillment.

For example, two of my values include:

  • Family-Oriented: So personally I enjoy having a flexible schedule to spend more time with my family and professionally I love helping families work together in recovery from an eating disorder or even meal planning for a busy week!
  • Making A Difference: Fostering my clients growth at work and being present in my community and church at home

Knowing that my personal and professional values align make going to “work” something that feels good.

Learn more of Kait’s wisdom and advice in our free CE webinar on January 28th at 1pm ET. Participants will earn 1 CE. Or, start learning today with your own copy of Welcome to the REBELution. This is a fabulous book that you don’t want to miss!

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