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love fruit and vegetable

Skelly Skills has a free CE course on called ‘5 Ways to be a Better Dietitian’. I like it, and what it represents: that we can always improve. That’s what continuing education is all about–Skelly’s raison d’etre if my high school French doesn’t fail me.

However, since Registered Dietitian Day is this month, I’ve been thinking about how great we already are. (As a parent, this kind of thinking is a decided no-no. If you haven’t heard, we are raising a generation of ‘praise-junkies’–they all want trophies and someone doing back-flips when they do a purely mediocre job.)

But here’s the thing: this does not apply to RDs. We are experts at setting the bar higher, going to all ends to improve, and generally (in my opinion) not feeling like we get any respect for the tremendous value we bring. Now that I’ve worked with educating and training RD/RDNs for 11 years, I’d like to pay homage to the 5 Ways we are Already Awesome:

  1. We really want to help our clients (really). I’m constantly astonished at how selfless RDs are when it comes to making someone’s health better. I spend a lot of time on RD listservs, and the dedication to helping clients (after-hours and at all hours) is truly inspiring.
  2. We have tremendous empathy. Let’s face it: all day long, we work with people who have often made some not-so-great choices in their lives. Many of them continue to, in spite of knowing otherwise. It could be easy to become cynical and judgmental. But we don’t. In my experience, it’s rare to find an RD who doesn’t show tremendous empathy for the clients she works with–understanding the many factors beyond their control that led to their current situation, and plugging away to find new techniques and strategies to help them.
  3. We give back. I’ve never seen a profession that volunteers more than ours. Period.
  4. We help each other. RDs shelve their egos in favor of the greater good. While sometimes we lament the larger impact this has–professions that are more ego-driven naturally get more recognition and prestige, because their members demand it. But we are looking to make each other better, regardless of whether we are acknowledged or compensated for it. For this reason, we freely share information, advice and best practices, simply to support and empower each other.
  5. We are ethical, and make ethical decisions. I love how careful and concerned RD/RDNs are about doing the right thing, and making the ethical choice. It’s this integrity that forms the bedrock of trust our profession and the RD/RDN credential need to ensure we are the nutrition expert of choice.

Happy RD Day to all of you. I’m so proud to be a part of this wonderful profession!