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Thanks to all of the mindfulness work Skelly Skills does, I try my best to live in the present moment. But I make an exception right around this time of year (and who doesn’t?). ‘Tis the season to reflect on the past year and prepare for the next one. With that in mind, let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane, continuing education style:

Best New ‘Trend’:

Functional/Integrative Nutrition! Much like the slow-food movement, which had many gardeners and chefs saying, “Finally the rest of the world is waking up!”, functional and integrative nutrition is a common-sense, inside-out approach to health whose principles our grandmothers used but didn’t have a fancy name for. Now, it’s kicked up a notch or two with the fascinating addition of nutrigenomics, and new and sophisticated lab testing and supplements that can fine-tune your diagnostic and treatment efforts. When our ancestors chewed garlic from their backyards for its immune-boosting and circulatory effects, they truly embodied the functional medicine concept of ‘health care, not disease-care’. And, now what’s old really IS new again. When we launched The Disease Delusion (23 CPEU/CEU) CE course in August, the avalanche of emails from all of you saying it was the best book you ever read convinced us that more dietitians are seeing the tremendous potential of functional medicine. We hope all of you will continue on this journey with open and inquiring minds. A related and fascinating read? “The Excrement Experiment” in last week’s New Yorker. You can learn more about the OpenBiome project here–fascinating stuff!

Most Rewarding Project:

Discover Mindful Eating for Kids (35 CPEU/CEU) Working with Megrette is always a fun and revelatory experience, and this was no exception. We’ve been concepting this book for two years and watching it evolve was something that–as Megrette would say–filled me with gratitude. As the mom of a child with some sensory issues (which I now recognize in myself as well!), I understand so well that eating for kids goes waaay beyond hunger and satiety. ‘Pickiness’ can often mask sensory issues; overeating can indicate stress; and crunchy foods can be calming and regulating for many kids (it’s about helping them find the right crunchy foods)! Our goal with this book was for dietitians to understand that kids also bring a lot of things besides hunger to the metaphorical and literal table, and that adopting a mindfulness approach can help them explore and be creative with healthy food and eating choices–a natural for kids!

If you’re a parent, you know that awareness is the ultimate goal for so much in life, and eating is no different. This book is about cultivating awareness.

Thanks to those of you who helped us pilot-test the activities with your clients–your feedback was so helpful in making this book the best it could be!  If you’re curious about some of the activities, you can watch Megrette’s latest webinar on using mindful eating for kids to increase self-control here:

Best New Addition to the Skelly Team:

She doesn’t know she’s getting a shout-out, but I couldn’t have managed the second half of 2014 without Sutton. She is a 22 year-old dynamo, who belies every derogatory statement made about Millennials. Before I hired her, I wanted to be sure she would be ok with me throwing a variety of projects at her that my other assistant couldn’t take on, and she ran with all of them (and a cheerful attitude to boot). Thank you, Sutton! Do you have a Millennial on your team? Here’s a great article about how to capitalize on their enormous potential for your organization:

Also, a huge thank you to the wonderful team at Arlington Strategy, who have been a tremendous help with social media and many other projects here at Skelly!

When I think back over 2014, my overarching sentiment is one of appreciation. I feel so fortunate to do the work I do, to be always learning and growing along with all of you! We hope you find what we have planned for 2015 to be just as rewarding. Happy Holidays!

Healthy Regards,