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freeCPEMy dad used to remark that the nuns gave him ‘C’s’ in self-control when he was in elementary school. How strange to have a ‘self-control’ category on your report card! I would think.  Like a strange Mad Men throwback, the self-control grade made me glad I grew up in the more permissive ‘70’s and ‘80’s when we didn’t have to worry about such things!

Well, what’s old is new (again). Research confirms that developing and practicing self-control for kids is critical to success as adults. Self-control researchers are advising schools and educators how to work with kids to develop this strength.

The nuns were right! I thought to myself when listening to some of this research on NPR. ( And, like most things I learn, the interview led me to think about what Skelly Skills can do to provide continuing education for dietitians and diabetes educators to help our clients–young and old–develop and exercise self-control.

Unfortunately, many of us have equated ‘self-control’ with ‘deprivation’ and as dietitians and educators, we want our clients to understand that all foods can fit–in some quantity, at least–in their diets. So, where does self-control fit in?

Ironically, self-control can be a great tool in helping our clients understand their hunger, and make choices that lead to increased satisfaction–both during and after the meal. And mindfulness is the link between self-control and satisfaction. Here are a few ways mindfulness can help clients develop self-control and delay gratification, according to Megrette Fletcher, MEd, RD, CDE, author of Discover Mindful Eating and Discover Mindful Eating for Kids:

  • Mindfulness is about helping clients identify what they are feeling, and then applying a strategy to effectively deal with that sensation–also a basic component of self-control.
  • Delaying eating until a comfortable level of hunger is present –a key part of self-control–is not the same as restrictive eating. Mindfulness is a great tool to help understand the difference.
  • Mindfulness helps get at intention. This is not to be confused with goals. Intentions allow us to align our efforts with a bigger picture, making delaying gratification easier and more seamless.

Want to learn more? Join Megrette for her FREE CE teleseminar this month: Using Mindfulness to Increase Self-Control: Strategies to Help Adults and Kids Resist Temptation and Delay Gratification (1 CPEU / CEU)”. Megrette will lead you through two (FREE!) activities from her bestselling continuing education courses and books for dietitians and diabetes educators you can use with your clients to help them understand, strengthen and apply self-control–over the holidays and beyond!

Don’t miss out–register now!

Healthy Regards,