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diabetesOk, maybe fun is a bit of a stretch. But as we all know, it’s vitally important. What’s the constant about diabetes care? Change. Meds change, research pours in, and guidelines are updated so frequently it’s difficult for clinicians like us to keep up. This month, we’re excited to offer you a free CE webinar to update your diabetes nutrition care and education practice. Led by Lois Moss-Barnwell, MS, RD, CDE, a former AADE Director now in private practice, it’s designed to keep you abreast of all that’s new in the world of diabetes care. Here’s a sneak peek:

1. ADA’s Standards of Medical Care for Diabetes–2015 Just released, these standards–updated annually–provide the gold standard for diabetes care. Read them here, or we’ll summarize key takeaways for you in the free webinar.

2. ANAD’s Evidence Analysis Library: Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes (PDM)–Guideline: Released in December, 2014, these are targeted to the RD and RDN and should form a key component of screening, assessing and treating individuals with prediabetes, and others at risk for diabetes. If you’re an ANAD member, you can read the full report here –we’ll also be reviewing them and helping you implement them into your practice in the Feb 25th webinar.

3. Joslin’s Diabetes Deskbook (Third Edition) –here at Skelly Skills, we spend much time trying to find CE resources that will move your practice forward. With diabetes care and education, that can be a tall order. Fortunately, the newest (2014) edition of the Joslin’s Diabetes Deskbook, fits the bill. We’ll be reviewing some key research covered in the book and will help you understand the nutritional implications. An interesting example? The emerging research on adipose tissue and how it functions as an endocrine gland–further complicating the already complex web of diabetes treatment. Fortunately, RD/RDNs can play a pivotal role in helping increase production of helpful adipocytokines, and decreasing production of harmful ones through MNT and weight reduction strategies.

We hope you can join us on Febuary 25th at 12 noon ET. It’s free and you’ll get 1 CPEU, too! You can sign up here if you’re interested! We will be providing the on-demand version afterward for those who can’t attend live.

Healthy Regards,