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I’m thrilled to have negotiation coach Pat Katepoo as a guest blogger this week. Be sure to sign up for Pat’s FREE CE webinar on Dec 8th, too–space is limited! If you are like a lot of health care professionals, you accept the salary you are given, without questioning. Pat is an expert at helping you earn what you are worth, and gives you the confidence to finally ask and receive!

payraiseAre you overdue for a pay raise? I mean a really good pay raise, not the paltry pay increases typical of the last several years. If so, what’s your plan?

To super-charge your salary in 2015, I recommend that you apply the pay raise process.

What is the pay raise process? It’s a series of systematic steps that position and prepare you to receive a big fat salary increase at your current job.

As you learn what to do and what to say, you build both your case and your confidence for negotiating a BIG boost in pay.

What do I mean by BIG?

One dietitian who followed my pay raise process received a 14% pay increase—during the 2008 recession.

Earlier this year, a supermarket dietitian turned the 2.5% increase she was offered into 10%.

A student health nutritionist was at the top of the university’s pay scale for her position, but yet below the industry standard. What could she do?

She followed the pay raise process and eventually received a 17% pay increase. I say “eventually” because it was a slog to get there, taking six months to get through some bureaucratic hoops. But once she got it, her employer made the higher wage retroactive by three months.

10% or More: That’s the Power of the Pay Raise Process

What each of these dietitians did was to get a Competitive Pay Raise. That’s one of a few different types of raises you can request to super-charge your salary.

There are several steps through the pay raise process which are covered at Pay Raise Prep School for Women, but here’s how you can start today toward higher pay:

  1. Check to see if you are a good candidate for requesting a Competitive Pay Raise by comparing your current salary with industry standards. First use AND’s Compensation and Benefits Survey of the Dietetics Profession. (Researchers have found that women can improve their negotiation results substantially when they use third-party market information to set their goals, so this is a smart place to begin.)
  2. To add to your salary research, download a free Pay Raise Prep School lesson worksheet on 5 Ways to Find Out How Much You’re Underpaid (and How to Fix It).
  3. Register for the FREE Skelly Skills CE webinar called Salary Solutions for Dietitians: 3 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Pay. You’ll get a glimpse some of the other pay raise types you can request to ramp up your income.

You don’t have to put up with paltry pay increases any longer. Learn the various pay raise types you can request and reap the returns in thousands of dollars for years to come.

Pat Katepoo, a former registered dietitian, is the founder of Pay Raise Prep School for Women and, where she has equipped thousands of women to successfully negotiate flexible work, longer maternity leave, and higher pay.

Healthy Regards,